A “Re-touch” of Class

Being a photographer is similar to being an IT Professional. When people realized I worked with computers, I was asked to fix them, setup home networks, recommend purchases, etc. When people learned I was into photography, I was asked to photograph events, weddings, etc. I’m also consulted for camera purchases and to provide suggestions to improve people’s photos.  The main difference between the two is I’m a paid IT professional with a college degree and certifications attesting to my knowledge. Photography is a passion of mine and I make no claims of expert insight. I share what I do to keep family and friends informed and to eventually transition my passion into a profit.

A friend asked me to restore an old photograph of her mom with family. I told her I’d see what I could do but I could make no promises. This was the first time I received such a request.  As a photographer, I use several programs to enhance my images or create a different look to them.  Restoring an old photo was a new challenge, but an opportunity to add another dimension to my photographic repertoire.

There were a few things the photo needed. I had to remove scratches and provide color corrections to the image.

After I removed the scratches, the photo still had a rough look that is often associated with noise in today’s digital images. However, removing noise softens the image and the photograph looses detail. Therefore, I manually removed some noise and corrected the color.

I did this within a couple of hours.  I wanted to improve the photo some more.  However, time was of the essence and I had to get it back to her.  The project encouraged me to learn more about editing and retouching old photos.  I have several and I look forward to applying the techniques I learned.

P.S.  I spoke with my friend and she loved the photo.  She made it into a calendar for her mom for Christmas!  As we shop this season, sometimes the best gifts are the old ones we have that only need updating and used in a new way.


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One thought on “A “Re-touch” of Class

  1. Wow Roger. I know I have dropped the ball on making my general comments on your pics and web page. After talking to you I decided to take a break and WOW is all can say. I need to find some old pics of my mom and dad and let you perform your gift! Great job is all I can say. Simply speechless. Go head boy!

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