Working to Become Popular

I originally posted my images on the Internet so family and friends could view my images. Being a person that takes so many pictures, I didn’t want to email my family and friends every time I have a collection to share.

I created a Smugmug account two years ago as my online gallery. It worked well. Whenever I created photos, I’d send an email and people had access to my images. As a matter of fact, some even purchased my photos since I had the pro account. I began to grow as a photographer taking classes and improving my craft. The results were manifested in the responses to my images and, most importantly, my own personal satisfaction in the images I created. As I read books and articles from other photographers, I learned the importance of sharing the story behind the image. However, I typically did that in my emails and I didn’t send emails very often.

The next step was to create my personal blog and share my thoughts as they relate to photography. The main challenge was getting out the message. I could have the greatest stories. However, if no one knows about them, what value is it. That is where Facebook enters the picture. I created an account to begin networking with other individuals. It has been a work in progress. However, I enjoy connecting with family and friends. It has brought an instant connection to individuals I lost contact with some time ago.

Yet, my original purpose is still left wanting–increase my photographic exposure. During this time, I created a Flickr account for my images as well. I originally considered this the website for the casual photographer taking snapshots with their Point ‘n Shot camera–not meeting this sophisticated criteria I sought. However, I got off my pompous high horse and realized there were great images at this site. Now, I’ve joined two groups (Night Images and Washington DC/Metro Area) and added my images to them as well.

Will this be the avenue for greater exposure? Only time will tell. However, I look forward to the reviews. With that said, I know greater exposure opens myself to greater criticism. The generous reviews from family and friends will not be readily provided by a larger viewing public. In conclusion, I must be careful of what I wish for because I just might get it.


Trip to Cedar Point
Image #1 Millennium Force
This summer has been busy with my travels. I consider myself blessed having these opportunities. I went on my first trip to Cedar Point in 10+ years. It was just as exciting as I remembered. The addition of the new rides provided me with new challenges to overcome. My trip highlights were the Top Thrill Dragster, Millennium Force, Raptor, and my “new” personal favorite “MaxAir”. I rode the MaxAir three times. It didn’t have the hills of a roller coaster. However, the smooth drop provided a great thrill.

Image #2 Wicked Twister

I decided to take pictures emphasizing the speed of the rides. Therefore, I shot at 1/20 of a second and panned the images. This produced images that are mostly blurred except in one location. It’s a unique way of capturing motion but I had fun with the rides and taking the images.

Image #3 MaxAir

One trip participant named, Prince, used his P&S camera to record his time on the roads. I had a P&S camera a few years ago and the video was only 30s long. However, those cameras improved greatly since that time. He had great video and now I’m looking forward to getting one with the same capability.