A Studio Shoot with “The Ascot Author”

Within our first month in England, Deborah and I attended a “New Arrivals” orientation.  It was a one-day orientation filled with various speakers from the military.  They provided information and tips on how to get accustomed to life in the UK.  As lunch-time approached, we had one more speaker to overcome before we received a much-needed break.  That is when a man named Darius from the Human Relations Office gave a presentation that captured everyone’s attention and it was something I’d never forget (I’d have to tell you offline what actually occurred).

After that presentation, he and I talked and become friends.  He told me about his project as an author and I told him about my work as a photographer.  He wanted me to take some shots for his book cover and we talked about it for nearly a year.  After months of talk, we finally brought it to fruition this weekend. Darius Donte’ is “The Ascot Author”. A gifted story-teller and people will find his insight about relationships very compelling.

I was a little nervous because I previously did some studio-like work.  Yet, this was my first job in an actual studio.  We visited the place a few days prior to the shoot so I could assess the lighting and see what I needed to bring.  The studio’s great equipment eased my concerns.  Therefore, I knew the only thing needed was my ability to photograph Darius.

We worked for nearly four hours and several wardrobe changes.  When we were done, I was pleased with the work we did.