Christmas at the Ellipse in DC

My brother and I took the time to go downtown and photograph the White House Christmas Tree. I went downtown a few weeks ago. However, there were flurries so the photos did not develop the way I liked. So, I waited until he arrived knowing he likes to take pictures as well. The key was to arrive just prior to twilight so we could get the beautiful blue sky. The key is to put the camera in “Tungsten” mode. I took an image with another setting and the difference is striking. I took one last photo from across the street. In addition to the vehicles and pylons, you can see the black sky present once the color leaves the sky.

I added some pictures my brother took to compare his with mine. When you see two similar images, one is mine and the other is his.

Lastly, I created a photo slide show with the sounds and music of the ellipse. I’m practicing my multimedia publishing capabilities. Let me know what you think.