A Change of Seasons II


Hello Friends!

I apologize for the long absence from my website.  I continue to photograph my experiences and share my thoughts.  However, most of my sharing has been via Facebook.

I’m recommitting myself to my blog.  I thoroughly enjoy writing about my experiences over the years.  Yet, I became spoiled when I traveled overseas and because I haven’t done any personal overseas travel, I let that hinder how much I share.

Since then, I’ve learned a sincere love for photography enables one to find beauty in their backyard and daily experiences.  Therefore, my personal challenge is to offer you short stories with a few images chronicling my life without requiring travel to distant lands.

With that out the way, let me share my most recent project.  I created another time-lapse video.  I’ve done this when I lived in England and every neighborhood since that time.  I enjoy this project because it allows me to record the yearly changes in my neighborhood.  It’s also a reminder that as things change, they also remain the same.