My Tamron Experience

When I was living in England, I planned trips to Italy and Egypt before returning to the US.  I wanted to purchase a superzoom because I didn’t want to keep switching between my wide angle and telephoto lenses.  However, I read articles and reviews indicating superzooms compromised image quality, and I was concerned what my results might be.  Nevertheless, I settled on the Tamron 18-270 lens because I once owned the Tamron 28-75 and it consistently produced great image quality.  As I used the 18-270 lens, it performed very well during my trips.  I had beautiful color and sharp images from the lens.  I returned to the states and I used it exclusively for my trips to Hawaii and Colorado.  I sent Tamron an email about my experience.  They saw my images and liked them.  They even gave me the new 18-270 PZD lens and asked me to submit images to them for their monthly newsletter.

I’m humbled by the honor to be featured in their article.  It also demands I update the blog.  It’s been too long without a story!

Please read the article and share your comments.