Hot Air Balloon Festival?

I went to the Shenandoah Hot Air Balloon Festival this weekend. When I first heard about the event, I had visions of dozens of balloons ascending during the early morning light. I pictured a grand landscape of balloons filling my gallery with colorful images.

Unfortunately, the festival left much to be desired. Although my imagination ran wild with photographic possibilities, the actual event was stuck at the runner’s starting block. I took some images. However, I had to find more interesting festival shots. The additional sights provided some relief to the balloon disappointment. I guess if I want the grand image with dozens of balloons, I’ll have to travel to Albuquerque.

Color in a B&W Image

Digital photography has not only brought new possibilities to photography, it has made existing possibilities much easier. Selective color within photos is nothing new. However, the software today allows such manipulation to be done in a manner of minutes. I took some photos from a wedding I attended and a photo of my niece to explore the possibilities.

The bride and groom entered the reception and the bouquet she carried had such brilliant color. In addition, the groom had a rose corsage with a green leaf set against his black tux. Converting the image to B&W then returning the color to the flowers illuminates their color in a fantastic way.
The image of my niece was taken several months ago. I converted it to B&W shortly afterwards. Sitting on a white sofa, she wore a white dress with a yellow belt. In addition, she had yellow berrettes in her hair. The image did not have much color other than her skin tone and the belt. Therefore, the color loss to B&W was minimal. Yet, returning color to the belt and berrettes adds an element of flavor.