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Greetings Visitors,

I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. Considering the vast array of opinions and information on the web, I don’t take it likely that you chose to spend time with me.

My blog will primarily discuss my experiences in photography. However, I will occasionally divert from the topic to address other issues important to me.

Now, on to photography. We just celebrated Memorial Day and I did not take any shots at downtown DC. However, two years ago during Memorial Day 2006, I had my Digital Rebel XT for less than a month and I took various photographs of people celebrating the holiday. This was my first foray into candid, street, and landscape photography. Since that time, I have fine tuned my craft especially with regards to composition. You can personally view all of the galleries at Moore Images. However, this year, I decided to relax and photograph the family instead.

I will provide more opportunities to share my thoughts as I travel and share my images. Thank you for visiting and come back soon.

God Bless,


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