A Change of Seasons II


Hello Friends!

I apologize for the long absence from my website.  I continue to photograph my experiences and share my thoughts.  However, most of my sharing has been via Facebook.

I’m recommitting myself to my blog.  I thoroughly enjoy writing about my experiences over the years.  Yet, I became spoiled when I traveled overseas and because I haven’t done any personal overseas travel, I let that hinder how much I share.

Since then, I’ve learned a sincere love for photography enables one to find beauty in their backyard and daily experiences.  Therefore, my personal challenge is to offer you short stories with a few images chronicling my life without requiring travel to distant lands.

With that out the way, let me share my most recent project.  I created another time-lapse video.  I’ve done this when I lived in England and every neighborhood since that time.  I enjoy this project because it allows me to record the yearly changes in my neighborhood.  It’s also a reminder that as things change, they also remain the same.



Timing of an Image

I’ve lived in the D.C. area since 1997.  During that time, I’ve seen plenty of construction occurring throughout the DMV (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia to you out-of-towners).  When I first traveled across the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, this area was undeveloped with trees along the bank of the Potomac.

Shortly afterward, the National Harbor construction began.  Over time, I watched them drudge out the mud and sediment and fashion this natural habitat to its current commercial state.  Whenever I drove across the bridge, I wondered how I could capture the new landscape.  However, I didn’t know where.  There’s a walkway for pedestrians and cyclists, but it’s on the inside of the bridge and cars would obstruct the view.  As I was riding my bike across the bridge one day, I took a path and it brought me to a clearing where I had a beautiful view of the Harbor.  I finally found my spot!  Now, I just needed to come back at the right time to capture the image.

MI_Canon EOS 6D_00127

I read this photography article several years ago about the importance of timing.  I learned about photographing during twilight.  It forever changed my perspective about natural lighting.  It helped me to understand and capture images during a fleeting moment in time.  I liked the way I framed the image, but it doesn’t have much color with the dull gray sky.

I came early to prepare and practice and I ended with the following image.

MI_Canon EOS 6D_00127-21

Along with this slightly wider angle version of the image as well.

MI_Canon EOS 6D_00127-35

Once the magic moment passes, the image looks like this.

MI_Canon EOS 6D_00127-50

The dark sky strips the color out of the image.  The twilight period with the blue sky lasts approximately 15 minutes.  It can be more or less depending on the time of year and weather conditions.  Therefore, it’s important to prepare early to be ready for the opportunity because one doesn’t know how long it’ll last.  A lesson for life within that story.  That’s why I keep shooting.