The Difference the Light Makes

The snow continued to fall on Friday as Deborah and I attempted to get acclimated here in the UK. Unfortunately, the base closed and this prohibited our efforts to finish necessary business. 

During this time, I captured a couple shots of the trees covered in the freshly fallen snow. The camera sees all the white and attempts to underexpose the image. Therefore, I had to compensate for that and I increased the exposure by +2/3 and +1.

Later that same day, I caught a couple more shots as the sun began to set. I had to change the white balance from Auto to Shade. The auto setting tries to balance all the color in the image. Therefore, certain colors are diminished. Setting the camera to Shade warms the image which is very effective during sunsets. The natural warm color produced by the evening sun is enhanced.

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3 thoughts on “The Difference the Light Makes

  1. Yes My Good Man (Nephew) RJ,

    The “Light” is simply marvelous!
    Yes the light and air is quite distinct in northern Europe.

    When you take advantage of those cheap 19.99 Euro flights to Paris, you will find the light in Paris just as stimulating (and muted) as in UK. Hence the great influence of the saturation of light that inspired the Impressionistic Painters as Monet and Cezanne.

    That’s your Art History lesson for the day!


    Uncle Ricki (aka: “Prof. Gomes”)

  2. Beautiful pictures as usual. Erica should purchase the one of Sidney it is to live for. My parents had a B&W done of my sister but the touch of color really makes it a warm and inviting photo. Great job Mr. Moore.

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