Winter Wonderland Photos

We had our first snowfall this past weekend.  The snow that fell covered the trees with a nice frost.  I went outside to capture some images before the weather melted the snow.


I like this photo because I used a large aperture value F/22 to get the sunburst effect.


This image shows the frost on a row of trees.

If you want to see the remaining images, please check out my Flickr site.

I know the weather may be cold.  However, take the time to capture the fleeting images that only winter can provide.


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8 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland Photos

  1. nice photos!!! the quality is awesome!!! you are really getting a true knack for the photography!!

  2. Great photos! I’m waiting for the day when you get that first contract with a well known publication.

  3. Nice winter wonderland photos Mr. Moore! That’s some real attention to detail(s) between the top and bottom photo; it would have been difficult for me to have noticed the differences had you not pointed it out.

  4. I am loving the all the winter pictures but the first picture is definitely my favorite. I love that caption of the sun.

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