Hanging out at the Burghley House

We’re counting down the days until my wife and daughters return to the U.S. while I remain on this side of the pond. I treasure the moments I have with them because we’ll spend the next 10 months apart.

I decided to break from the norm and take them on a day trip to the Burghley House. This is a beautiful home with a large open expanse with deer roaming the park. There was a “Garden of Surprise” with beautiful water fountains and a “Sculpture Park” containing art pieces of various forms.

There are additional photos in my Facebook and Flickr album for you to enjoy.

Burghley House Courtyard

Framing the Mansion

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One thought on “Hanging out at the Burghley House

  1. Roger,

    I have not been on my review game with your photography but trying to redeem. A Spiritual Weekend in England was breath taking. I can only imagine what you will photograph in the next ten months. I can’t wait to view the others I’ve missed. Excellent job.

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