A Generational Moment

My father-in-law or as his granddaughters (he has no grandsons) call him, “Papa”, was showing Jordyn features from his iPad 2 device.  They were directly between the large window in the background and myself.  The window with the shade pulled down provided diffused light.  This made a light source with no distracting elements in the background.  Also, with no lights on inside the house, their faces would not be illuminated.  This environment provided an excellent opportunity to capture their silhouettes.

Images like this illustrate why I love photography.  Beautiful photos are not exclusive to exotic locations or the work of sophisticated equipment in a studio.  It can come from ordinary moments.  It’s a person’s ability to recognize those candid times, focus on the subject(s) and use light to tell the story.

Photography Note:  The focal length is 47mm.  I wish I would’ve used my 50mm/F1.4 because that would’ve given me a more diffused background.  However, I could’ve missed the moment changing lenses.

Keep shootin’ and tell me what you think.


Photography is a Family Affair

My blog initially detailed my thoughts and musings about photography. I provided insights and tips on various photo issues. When my family moved to England, most of my posts were about the places we traveled while in Europe. Now, that I’m back in the US, I’m planning to transition from travel-related posts. My focus will be on portrait sessions with families. The practice begins at home and I told my family to brace for my return. I missed two years of my nieces development and nearly a year of my own daughters’ growth. I knew I would take plenty of photos when I saw them. I actually delayed purchasing the Canon 50/1.4 lens until I returned home. It is a great lens for portraiture and I didn’t take many of those shots after my family left England.

As I pursue this type of photography, I look forward to sharing the experiences as I did while in the United Kingdom.

My family has tolerated my photographic passion and at times encouraged it. This weekend we took plenty of photos and they arranged poses for the girls. These images were the creation of my sister-in-law, Six, and my wife, Deborah.

We were all together after Sunday’s service. I did grab one photo of them in their “Sunday outfits”. Afterwards, we photographed them in casual clothes with a consistent color theme.

Fortunately, both my girls as well as my nieces love the camera and getting them to pose is like getting the sun to shine. I give credit to Six because when she put that zebra blanket up as a background I was initially against it. However, it does provide a nice contrast to the colors.

My favorite is the one with them holding hands. It communicates the bond they have as family, and as young girls.

Within this next year, I may not travel to as many places as I did in England. However, I will not be bored or lack inspiration with the beautiful subjects I have around me.