A Generational Moment

My father-in-law or as his granddaughters (he has no grandsons) call him, “Papa”, was showing Jordyn features from his iPad 2 device.  They were directly between the large window in the background and myself.  The window with the shade pulled down provided diffused light.  This made a light source with no distracting elements in the background.  Also, with no lights on inside the house, their faces would not be illuminated.  This environment provided an excellent opportunity to capture their silhouettes.

Images like this illustrate why I love photography.  Beautiful photos are not exclusive to exotic locations or the work of sophisticated equipment in a studio.  It can come from ordinary moments.  It’s a person’s ability to recognize those candid times, focus on the subject(s) and use light to tell the story.

Photography Note:  The focal length is 47mm.  I wish I would’ve used my 50mm/F1.4 because that would’ve given me a more diffused background.  However, I could’ve missed the moment changing lenses.

Keep shootin’ and tell me what you think.


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