My Tamron Experience

When I was living in England, I planned trips to Italy and Egypt before returning to the US.  I wanted to purchase a superzoom because I didn’t want to keep switching between my wide angle and telephoto lenses.  However, I read articles and reviews indicating superzooms compromised image quality, and I was concerned what my results might be.  Nevertheless, I settled on the Tamron 18-270 lens because I once owned the Tamron 28-75 and it consistently produced great image quality.  As I used the 18-270 lens, it performed very well during my trips.  I had beautiful color and sharp images from the lens.  I returned to the states and I used it exclusively for my trips to Hawaii and Colorado.  I sent Tamron an email about my experience.  They saw my images and liked them.  They even gave me the new 18-270 PZD lens and asked me to submit images to them for their monthly newsletter.

I’m humbled by the honor to be featured in their article.  It also demands I update the blog.  It’s been too long without a story!

Please read the article and share your comments.



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5 thoughts on “My Tamron Experience

  1. I’m impressed that you have grown so that you are featured in the Tamron newsletter. It was a very nice article and as always your pics are beautiful.

  2. Nice photos! And congrats on your feature in the Tamron newsletter. I don’t have any Tamron lenses but their newsletters are always interesting, inspirational, and educational. If you’re on FB you’ll have to investigate the DC area Nikon user’s group. Mostly Nikon users but it’s not exclusive and they have a photo trip to the Eastern Shore coming up in April.

  3. As I said before, “GOD’s Favour”!!!!!! He makes the impossible, POSSIBLE and the unbelieveable, BELIEVEABLE. Never forget what I told you awhile ago, and that pertains to every area of your life. “What the Mind can Conceive, the Heart can Believe, and that you Will ACHIEVE.

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